Artist Statement

My specialty and passion is capturing the personalities of animals in paintings and drawings. Much of my subject matter is horses because I understand their composition the most; but I find it rewarding to paint multiple companion animals.


Most of my pieces are from photograph’s I have taken myself; but even with the ones provided by the client I creatively convert the image to an artwork that is uniquely different from the original image. I will crop the image in different angles to capture the quirkiness of the animal.


Animals are as characteristic as humans, but for me they manifest a more genuine spirit to the outside world. I find this spirit in their eyes. The magic moment in my artwork is when the glistening highlights of the eye capture the emotion of the animal.  The feeling of handing the finished artwork to the owner and seeing in their expression that I captured their companion’s character is priceless.

I use a variety of media. I provide examples of my previous works to allow the client to choose which media they would like to have for their piece.


I use charcoal so my drawings show basic elements of light, dark, texture, and detail. Paired with vibrant pastel colors it then enhances the animal’s presence in the drawing.


My oil paintings show movement in brush strokes that pulls the animal off the page. Acrylic paint acts as my glue to allow me to create texture and feel by incorporating specific objects like hair or sand into the painting.


Leonardo da Vinci

“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”


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