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All About SMS Artworks

Art has always been in Sarah's corner.  Her parents knew early on that she would become an artist because she liked to draw on the walls and bed sheets.  In high school she remembers learning  how to draw eyes and that is when her journey began. She went from human eyes to horses. She has always put art second; even in undergrad she only pursued a minor in studio art. Now 4 years after completing her MBA, she is ready to put art first. Currently she is gathering her portfolio and expanding her network. Sarah is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine arts in painting at The Savannah College of Art and design (SCAD).

Sarah is local to Wilmington, NC; born and raised in Hampstead, NC. She enjoys being close to family and childhood friends. Sarah currently resides in Hampstead with her husband Jacob, parents, and many animals. 


The name SMS comes from Sarah's initials. Her first name Sarah, middle/maiden name: Murvin, and her last name Smith. 

Charcoal and graphite started as Sarah's favorite media. It wasn't until her sophomore year of Undergrad when she began to experiment with color. She concentrated on chalk pastel since the texture was similar to charcoal; and she was charmed with the results. Sarah also dabbled with oil and acrylic painting.  In her downtime, Sarah also enjoys abstract fluid pours. 

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